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Education is central to empowering women and girls and provides the critical foundation for a productive life.


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We are working towards a brighter tomorrow for and with women displaced by violence, conflict, and persecution.


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Access to a safe place where immediate security and protection from physical harm are attained.

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Teach. Freedom. Confidence. Attitude.
The Pomegranate Project
The Pomegranate Project

The Pomegranate Project will be Ontario’s first holistic protection and empowerment model for refugee and asylum-seeking women at risk and...

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Education and Training
Education and Training

Our Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Training course inform all learners of the laws and expectations that are in place to prevent the...

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Empowering Vulnerable Women Through Entrepreneurship
Empowering Vulnerable Women Through Entrepreneurship

Our entrepreneurship program advocates a different model for engaging disconnected women and girls in vocational training and employment pathways...

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One in every five female refugees experiences sexual violence.

How does your fund make an impact?

Settlement. Ontario criminal law and family law protect you against domestic abuse.

Employment Opportunities. Help us gain an equal opportunity employer and offer a supportive work environment for employees and a generous benefits package. We’re looking for dedicated team members to help us fulfill our mission for survivors of domestic violence.

Health and Wellness. Many abuse victims now receiving refuge are healing from severe physical, mental, and emotional trauma. As a result, survivors frequently require wellness and medical services, such as therapy and rehabilitation.

Academic Training, Workshops, and Seminars. Workshops can be customized for various audiences, including adults, youth and adolescents, parents, teachers and school officials, law enforcement, and other professionals.

Financial Literacy and Independence Training. Many people, particularly women, worry about their financial security and become unclear about what to do. Help us spread the word about resources that can enable women to get support and help.

Public Education and Community Development. Help us educate at the interpersonal level that issues related to stigma, shame, and silence can be resolved through prolonged and sustained capacity building, creating networks, and reflecting critically on related issues.


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