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Ontario Canada

Hub for Safety and Stability (TFCA)

(TFCA) is a Canadian-based organization with a focused mission and vision on women’s rights, advocacy, and protection. TFCA is a non-profit organization with an all-women (Gender) team and management. Our goal is to support the needs of women in Canada (services include support for sexual assault(s) victims, human trafficking victims, refugees, immigrants, and asylum-seeking women’s recovery, educational and training services, resilience, and reintegration). Additionally, supporting women and girls representing BIOPIC and our indigenous community.

TFCA considers a high-pressure career, a survivor or witness of violence (sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological), or just struggling to keep your ground? When a client sees a TFCA team member, we will provide a private and non-judgmental space to examine themselves and their experiences and a sure hand to guide them along the way. As you heal the hardened wounds of the past, you’ll begin to recognize and let go of self-defeating patterns of thought and behaviour. Moreover, providing you with many professional services to help you get back on your path to success. Remember, it is not the destination but the journey to get there.

Our Vision

We are working towards a brighter tomorrow for and with women displaced by violence, conflict, and persecution.

Out of the 79.5 million people who have been forcefully displaced, the UNHCR reports that over half are women and girls. 1 in 5 women refugees experiences gender-based violence. Lockdowns due to Covid19 compounded the risk, triggering what the UN Secretary-General has called a “shadow pandemic.” Domestic violence spiked where many women were trapped with their perpetrators, and economic uncertainty exacerbated their risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

In Ontario, services for women, in general, are few and scattered throughout the city, often lacking female interpreters. Navigating these services without support is often re-traumatizing. Dignified and safe shelters remain scarce, and the existing shelters do not offer wrap-around services to equip women with the skills, knowledge, and networks to generate an income and become autonomous. As a result, they can create a cycle of dependency in which residents are provided with a sense of temporary safety without being equipped to take control of their lives.

Be a part of the change. Make an impact today.

Our Team

Dr. Tiana Mash

Director of Education

Marcia McFarlane

Director of Religion and Faith-based Programs

Marva Williams

Director of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality

Alexa Lantoria

Women in Technology Director

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