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Ontario Canada
Education and Training

Virtual Reality Education in Forensic Science and Behavioural Training Analysis Simulation

TFCA: Action for Woman (TFCA) will deliver “First Responders to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training” to first responders in Ontario working with victims and survivors of sexual assault and abuse. This VR simulation and training workshop aims to increase the capacity and expertise of “first responders” to effectively respond to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual abuse from children, youth, and adults. Participants will increase their knowledge of the issues of sexual abuse and sexual assault and their related impacts on survivors of these crimes, specifically in human trafficking and modern slavery.

Our Virtual Reality Program focuses on a Virtual Reality Environment specific to those persons who have experienced trauma/witnessed trauma/or are specialists in a field surrounded by trauma (focus on first responders, military officers, judicial representatives, and mental health advocates). My VR Application is Mental Health Virtual Reality Training System (MHVRTS).