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Education and Training

Our Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Training course inform all learners of the laws and expectations that are in place to prevent the abuse and neglect of vulnerable people. Learn the four ‘Rs’ of safeguarding and discover how to create a safe culture within one’s network and organization where individuals can flourish.

Education has a transformative impact on individuals, communities, and entire economies. Education is central to empowering women and girls and provides the critical foundation for a productive life.

Female (including our Trans-women/girls) education is a strategic development priority for TFCA and Toronto Forensic Institute (TFI) sister collaborators. Evidence shows that girls’ education has a transformational impact on development outcomes. In addition to education being a fundamental human right, educating women and girls is one of the world’s best investments as it offers wide-reaching returns. it is further stated that educating females of all ages contributes to economic productivity. It lowers infant and maternal mortality, child marriage, sexual, physical, and neglect, honour killings, human trafficking, domestic violence, and HIV/AIDS. Educated women positively impact agricultural production and communities’ resilience to natural disasters and take more of a leadership role in decision-making.

Women who receive higher education or training are more likely to marry who they choose; more importantly, they decide the life path (she/zee/they) are destined to lead. Participate in the labour market in a skilled profession, earn higher incomes, have significant autonomy over their sexual and reproductive health and choices, and create a family. These outcomes reap substantial benefits – educating women and girls enables more robust economies and reduces poverty and inequalities.