• Enhanced Focus: Say goodbye to distractions and stay sharp.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer
  • Reduced Anxiety and stress: Achieve a tranquil mind without medication.
  • Emotional Stability: Balance your emotional states for greater well-being.

Improve your performance and overall well-being. One brainwave at a time.

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback based on a learning method called operant conditioning, which involves rewards and punishments for behaviour. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behaviour and a consequence (whether negative or positive).

how it works

Initial Assessment: Our specialists conduct a comprehensive initial assessment of your brainwave activity.

Personalized Training Plan: A tailored training plan is crafted to meet your needs.

Active Training: You’ll receive real-time feedback during training sessions while watching a visual or auditory display.

Progress Tracking: Our state-of-the-art system monitors your progress, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Learn more about neurofeedback

What Happens to Your Brain During a Neurofeedback Session?

“The brain electrical activity of human beings is the greatest potential resource for understanding the dynamics of all human behaviour.” – Barbara Brown, author of Stress and the Art of BiofeedBack